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Hart N.

October 2016

“My mother had a stroke in 2007 which left her in a nursing home unable to speak and unable to express her wishes. Since she did not have a power of attorney, she needed legal assistance which Steve provided in a professional and approachable way. This was all new territory for me – my mother needing care when she had been very independent, and an attorney. It was a tough time emotionally while I needed to think about what my mother would have wanted if she could make the choices that needed to be made for her. Steve listened and understood and spoke with caring and concern while leading me through the legal maze that became my life though the next eight years. Each time a legal issue came up, Steve was there for me, with his knowledge and expertise and his own brand of special solicitude. He was always down to earth and again, approachable. I felt comfortable asking what were probably dumb questions, but he never treated them as such. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who is in need of an elder care attorney.”

Cathy R.

October 2016

“Our mom needed to revise her last will and testament and both she and our dad wanted to appoint a Power of Attorney to manage their health and finances should the time come when they could not do it themselves. We called around to several law firms and the cost of performing these transactions was quite expensive, especially for our parents who had limited income. Steven was highly recommended to my sister and I as an outstanding attorney with a background in elder care law. He actually visited my parents in their home and counseled with them in an effort to finalize their last wishes.

The experience with The Arrington Firm was “outstanding. We’ve all heard horror stories about crooked attorneys who take on clients not because they want to help them but rather to do it just for the money. We did not find that to be the case with Steven. From day one he earned our trust and we felt like he truly had our mom and dad’s best interest at heart. He guided all of us through the process of revising our parents’ wills, never asking for any money upfront, but rather allowing them to make payments as they were able to do so. He is extremely professional with very strong work ethics yet a caring and compassionate individual as well. Unfortunately, both of our parents passed away a few months ago, however, Steven has offered advice, guidance and support as we try to finalize our mom’s estate. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an attorney with elder care experience.

Give Steven’s office a call and make an appointment. Once you meet him, you’ll understand my comments above.”

Linda E.

September 2016

“My mother was seeking an affordable Attorney, one that would be willing to come to her and my dad’s home to talk with them concerning their affairs. After searching several weeks for her, I called the Elder Care Attorney Office who referred us to Steven Arrington. They spoke very highly of Steven and felt he would be the person to help our parents.

Our experience with hiring Steven to handle my parents affairs have been nothing less than exceptional. Our mother immediately felt comfortable with Steven and his manner of handling things for her and she put her trust in him without question. Steven has been wonderful to all of our family. He responds to our questions and needs promptly and is always there for us. He has been very caring and compassionate with our family and is very professional in everything he does. He makes sure that all he does, is done correctly and for the well-being of his client. Any issues that we have had to deal with, he finds solutions for us.

I have already referred a good friend to Steven and she hired him to handle her affairs as well and was very pleased with him and speaks very highly of him as well and I continue to give his name to other’s I know that are seeking an attorney for their will and estate affairs.”

Robert A.

September 2016

“When I first met Steve, I was immediately comfortable. Steve Arrington has an easy going, personable, and likable presence. He has provided invaluable guidance and support. Communication and meetings with Steve have always been easy and within a workable time frame. I recommend that one call or email his office. You will get the help you need and not be disappointed.”